Autism Alert Card application process

On this page:

  • What is the application process
  • Find out why we need the information that we ask for
  • What information do you need to supply 
  • The different application processes so everybody can feel comfortable
  • What happens after the initial application

Devon Autism Alert Card Full Application Process


Before anything, check who is eligible for the Devon Autism Alert Card

We are all individuals in our community, and there is no one approach that suits every person.

We know that for some of us forms are the spawn of the Devil, and what may seem a simple question or request from a mainstream perspective is laden with complexities for us.

Along with this, life is difficult for many or us. We really do not need another stressor, another visit to the doctor who has probably changed and likely enough knows nothing about Autism, more dealing with people… No. If the Autism Alert Card is anything, it starts with making life easier for us.

  • We have kept the information we need to a minimum
  • We have created various application paths to ensure that everybody’s needs are met
  • You can apply for the card without showing proof of diagnosis (though we do need the details)
  • You can apply for the card even if you have not yet started the diagnostic process, as long as you intend to do so (and tell us the time period you within which you intend to apply)
  • An application can easily be made on a cardholder’s behalf

Signing the application form or ticking the appropriate box on the online form gives us permission to phone you to have a chat about your diagnosis. We will do this at random as a precaution that applications are valid.

Getting the card is a start to a new experience of help and support from people who actually understand the condition - whatever way Autism affects you.

Why we need the information we are asking for


  • If the cardholder is incapacitated in some way
  • To contact the cardholder (or the applicant if different) if necessary
  • To prevent abuse of the scheme
  • To track the effectiveness of the card scheme
  • To demonstrate the need for better services for people on the Autistic Spectrum
  • To offer ongoing support, news, fun (we hope) and a reliable back up

About the information we keep

You can read our privacy policy here

  • You will have access to all your personal information held by Dimensions For Living once you have received your card, either online or we can send you a hard copy.
  • You will have the opportunity to enter additional information that might be helpful for people to know.
  • You will be able to change existing information.
  • You can ask for all your information to be deleted.
  • If you want all information to be deleted we will assume you are withdrawing from the Autism Alert Card Scheme and ask for the return of your card.
  • You can, of course, rejoin the card scheme at any time.

What information you need to supply


Cardholders’ details*:

Name (first and last)
Address (including post code)
A contact phone number
An email address
Date of birth
Council area

*Some of this information is not needed if the application is being made on behalf of the cardholder

The applicant’s details (if applying on behalf of the intended cardholder):

Name (first and last)
Address (including post code)
A contact phone number
An email address
Relationship to the intended cardholder

Details of diagnosis or intention to obtain a diagnosis

Some Autism Alert Card schemes ask you send in a proof of diagnosis.

We know that a fair number of people will find obtaining proof of diagnosis too stressful, especially if the diagnosis took place some time ago in a different place. Yet the Autism Alert Card is designed for these very people… those who do find aspects of life very stressful.

So we have simplified the process.

  • If the cardholder has been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum

We do not require proof of diagnosis, but we do want to know

  • Where you got diagnosed
  • When you got diagnosed


  • We reserve the right to ask you (or your doctor) for your diagnosis
  • You need to be willing to communicate with us about your diagnosis if we need to

plus, of course

  • We need your agreement that we can keep the cardholder’s and the applicant’s (if different) information on our secure database.
  • If the cardholder has not yet been diagnosed, but is intending to get a diagnosis:

If you have not yet had a diagnosis, you can still receive a card. We just want to know:

  • Within what time period (in months) you intend to seek a diagnosis
  • Your Autism Quotient (AQ) score (you take the AQ test here:

and you need to agree to

  • Talk with us about your condition if we ask
  • Keep us informed of your progress in seeking a diagnosis
  • Inform us where you are getting a diagnosis (when you know)


  • We need your agreement that we can keep the cardholder’s and the applicant’s (if different) information on our secure database.

Different ways to apply


In all cases involving phone calls, you might need to leave a message on our voice mail. If that happens, please leave your name and number clearly and we will call you back.
If you want to leave any more information then please do, but just your name and number is enough.
Text your information if you prefer.

  • Apply online
    Go to this page for the card online application form
    If you are not comfortable filling in the online form by yourself, we can talk you through it by phone. Telephone: 07421 77 88 09.
    You might need to make an appointment for someone to ring you back.
  • Face to face
    We can meet you and fill out a form face to face. This method might take time, depending on where you live and if you are comfortable travelling or not. Another application method (with our support) will be quicker.
  • Print out a form to fill in by hand
    Go to our Autism Card Application Form download page and you get the form in pdf form. After you have filled it in, post it to us or scan it into the computer and send by email.
    We also offer detailed advice about filling out the downloadable form on the  page or you can directly download a pdf application form here .
  • Apply by phone
    We can fill out a hard copy form for you over the phone and send it to you to sign. We will provide an Stamped Addressed Envelope (SAE) for the retune posting. Just phone 07421 77 88 09
    If you need us to call you back to go through the form we will. We appreciate some individuals have very limited funds.
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask for an application form.
    Tell us whether you prefer to receive one by post or by email attachment. You can return it by post or email.

What will happen after I have applied for the Autism Alert Card


It will take us a few days to process your applicant, and we might need to contact you for more information. We will ask you to confirm the name that you want displayed on the card.

You will receive your card along with a support pack and can access your online profile at any time.

Over time we will be uploading videos on various aspects of the Card Scheme and autism, adding articles to our website, keeping our social media accounts moving and sending out email and hardcopy newsletters as to your preference.

We will also be expanding our support for group meetings of individuals on the Autistic Spectrum and their families.

Plus, of course, you can contact us for the support that we all need at times. 

We hope that you enjoy being part of this.