Autism Alert card downloadable form

On this page:

  • Eligibility details and help to apply
  • Where to mail the completed form to
  • What you can expect after sending the form in

Autism Card Downloadable Application Form details


If you want to get started straightaway then go to our Autism Alert Card Application Download Page

To be eligible:

  • You must live in Devon (any part)
  • You must be over 10 years old (though do contact us if your child is 10 or below so we can keep in touch and offer support)
  • If you are 16 or below, then you need an adult to apply for a card on your behalf. If this is difficult, then please contact us and we will discuss the situation.
  • You must be diagnosed as on the Autistic Spectrum OR self declared with the intention of obtaining a diagnosis and have an appropriate AQ score (you can take the AQ test here:

This card is not yet available in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly but please keep in contact with us for ongoing news about this. You can sign up to our email newsletter on the left.

The card is usable in other areas. Many regions have similar schemes and people will recognise the validity of the card.

First issue free, replacement cards cost £3 + p&p

If your card is lost or stolen, please report as it soon as possible

If you would like help in filling in this form then please feel free to contact us on 07887 656789 or using our contact form.

We can help you over the phone or arrange a volunteer to guide you through it face to face.

We can send send you a hard copy of the form with a stamped addressed envelope for mailing back to us

Where to send your form:


You can scan and email it to us or post your completed form to:

Dimensions For Living
Brookside Dell, West Hill
Ottery St Mary, Devon
EX11 1UD

After sending in your form, what happens next?


Step 1

We might phone you or contact you in another way before issuing the card. Please reply to any contact from us. If you do not we can not go forward.

The reason we might contact you is to double check applications. Unlike most regions we do not insist on seeing a copy of a diagnosis before issuing an Autism Alert Card. We think that demanding proof of diagnosis can place stress and difficulty on some Autistic individuals, especially the more vulnerable.

However not asking for a copy of diagnosis means that we need to be careful in accepting applications…thus the potential contact.

Step 2

We send confirmation that we have received your application. Included in this will be the name that you have chosen to display on the card. If you need that changed then please inform us as soon as possible

Step 3

Within 28 days we send you your card along with supporting material.

Step 4

We keep in regular contact with you and offer support, insight and advocacy.

Go to our Autism Alert Card Download Page and download what you need now.

You can also download our brochure for the Alert Card