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Devon Autism Alert Card Application

To be eligible the cardholder must:

  • Live in Devon (any part)
  • Be over 10 years old (if your child is 10 or below we have an alternative support package) - If the cardholder is aged between 11-16, then an adult needs to apply on their behalf. If this is difficult, then please contact us and we will discuss the situation.
  • Be diagnosed as on the Autism Spectrum OR self declared with the intention of obtaining a diagnosis and have an appropriate Autism Quotient score (the AQ test is here:

First issue free, replacement cards cost £3 + p&p If your card is lost or stolen, please report as it soon as possible Please send your completed form to:

Dimensions For Living
Brookside Dell, West Hill
Ottery St Mary, Devon
EX11 1UD

If you would like help in filling in this form then please feel free to contact us

Tel: 07421 77 88 09
Facebook: Dimensions For Living

We can help you over the phone or arrange a volunteer to guide you through it face to face

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you can take the AQ test here:

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Name and address of place where you are receiving or will apply for a diagnosis

Are you experiencing difficulties obtaining a diagnosis? Contact us to see if we can assist


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Please read and tick this box. We need your permission to keep your personal information. If you do not want us to keep this information, then we can not keep track of who we have issued cards to and so we can not accept your application.
All cardholders (or applicants on their behalf) will have access to their personal profiles on our site, and be able to update information.

By submitting this application I consent for the information to be held on a secure database by Dimensions For Living.

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Checking this box means that we can work with the Devon Councils and Devon & Cornwall Police on the need to provide various support services for the Autistic Community and training for those who come into contact with it.

Fully supported by Devon & Cornwall Police, Devon County Council, Plymouth City Council and Devon Link up. Go to for full details.