Creating a Resource

We are creating a resource for everybody connected to the Autistic Community

Whether on the Autistic Spectrum, having it as part of their family or social life, coming across it in a professional capacity or just occasionally needing to know more about it…Everybody values helpful insights and guides.

But there is no one ‘right’ insight or opinion.

That’s why we search out and welcome informed contributions from all sources. There will be something for everybody to relate to and value precisely because we will be encouraging everybody to contribute.

Ambitious plans for website

We are building a website with:

  • Detailed guidance and useful insights for everybody
  • Practical instructions for specific situations
  • An ethos of sharing and inviting everybody to contribute
  • Descriptive content that can show many many people share similar experiences
  • Modern content style geared to modern needs.

How people like to consume

The days of purely text-based information are long gone, and whilst some subjects do lend themselves to written explanations, we aim to engage our audience with:

  • Well-written copy that is friendly to all devices: Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • The full variety of modern multi media: videos, interactive elearning, graphics, presentations…
  • Downloadable material for consumption offline as relevant.

How long are we talking about

Part of our ethos is that the site and web presence is being created by people on the Autistic Spectrum, learning while doing. Of course we welcome content from all sources but the web work is ours.

So our initial goal is to have this web resource completed within three years, though it will continue to evolve and grow after that.