Creating Work

Aspergers, Work and the Autistic Spectrum

Like everybody else individuals on the Autistic Spectrum want work that they value and that values them. Respect and shared activity ticks a lot of boxes.

But about 85% of the Autistic Community is unemployed, and about 79% of those who are unemployed are in a position to find work. That’s a lot of people who want to work.

Work is not just about finding a meaningful, purposeful activity but it also alleviates a wide range of problems that can come with Autism and unemployment: stress, depression, isolation…..

But it is important to get the match right. A lot of mainstream people can do a job they don’t particular like as a stepping stone to better things or as a necessity. Autistic folks cannot because it’s not a question of liking or not liking; Many mainstream work habits are deeply distressing. Much more care is needed in creating or finding work for people on the Spectrum.

Just as importantly, each individual has their own specific set of Autistic challenges, whether Aspergers Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, Kanners Autism... and this makes it even more essential to find and support the work they want.

How we are creating work for the Autistic Community


We are making progress in the following areas:

  • Creating work with Dimensions For Living
  • Helping individuals develop work related skills
  • Exploring the possibility of winning contracts for our members to complete
  • Supporting working in outside institutions

Creating work with Dimensions For Living

Dimensions For Living is:

  • Encouraging individuals to participate in the whole area of its web presence creation: Website, social media, analytics, SEO, web copy writing….
  • Developing video shooting and editing skills amongst its members
  • Inviting members to contribute to the elearning modules creation, from the planning and design to the software build

To do this well, we have already invested in trainings in

  • Shooting and editing videos on iPads
  • Adobe Captivate 8 for eLearning
  • Joomla online training for the website
  • CiviCRM for the Customer Relationship Management
  • Plus steady development of the other needed skills

Helping Autistic individuals develop work related skills

Many people on the Spectrum are highly skilled in specific areas and yet other areas of life are a complete mystery to them. At the same time skills can atrophy after years out of work, and people might need to get into new habits.

Professional attitudes, result-driven thinking, cooperation, deep focus, perceptual positions…all these and more we bring to the fore in our work with individuals on the Spectrum.

We are building our own working culture. We’ve started by building this web site and our web presence. We’ve learnt (and are learning) how to do that, and even more importantly, we are creating our own methods of cooperating and working together.

Winning contracts for our members to complete

Ultimately, we aim to create an agency for work so we can supply gainful paid employment for those marginalised by the mainstream.

We envisage acting as a clearing house to introduce Autistic individuals to interested companies with all the ongoing support that that might entail.

Always with the understanding that people on the Autistic Spectrum do not want work, they want work that has value to them….just like everybody else.

Supporting work in outside institutions.

Employers are required to make reasonable adjustments with Autistic employees, and the same employees often need personal support.
We aim to be give input to all so everybody wins.

Employers, in out experience, have no idea of the wealth of expertise, creativity and talent that is crying out to be employed in the Autistic Community.

Changing lives

People naturally develop various purposes in different parts of their lives, often interconnected. Purposes for working. Raising children, developing a career, making money, growing relationships….

A lot of these areas of life are blocked or very very difficult of Autistic individuals.

Helping them gain work is a huge step forward.

Come and join us to make a friendlier society.