Devon Autism Alert Card

The Devon Autism Alert Card

We were commissioned in June 2015 by Devon County Council and Plymouth City Council to create, establish infrastructure, market and distribute & support the Devon Autism Alert Card scheme. We also worked with the Devon & Cornwall Police to help start raising awareness of Autism throughout Devon through this scheme.


We are designing (or commissioning the designs) all the material:

  • The credit card sized plastic Autism Alert Card
  • Full and easy read leaflets
  • Posters, both A4 and A3
  • A seven page website section with full informative content
  • An online application form
  • A paper application form
  • An information pack

Work is in progress. Official launch date is November 20th.

Establish infrastructure

Devon County Council and Plymouth Health have channelled funding to us, and this can only be used for capital investment. So, for example, we cannot buy marketing materials with the fundings. We can however invest in equipment to produce the materials ourselves.

So we have bought all the necessary machinery and software that will allow us to support this project….and are learning to use it all together.

Infrastructure also covers systems and we are developing well working systems so we can deliver what we promise… developing being the operative word!


We are marketing the card around Devon with care and in detail. Many individuals on the Autistic Spectrum are by their very nature difficult to reach and cautious about giving their trust. They can be hard to reach and need to see information a few times before coming to a decision.

These individuals are often the ones who will benefit the most from a card.

We are also including all connected to the Autistic Community in our marketing as the Autism Alert card is for them as well.

We think the most effective methods of reaching out to potential card holders and their community are:

  • Web site, web presence, social media, SEO, online videos and multimedia
  • Leaflets and posters displayed in surgeries, libraries, play areas, schools….
  • Direct contact with professionals who come across Autistic individuals in their work
  • Contacting various agencies, groups and organisations who have an interest in the Autistic Community in any way and giving them the information and meeting up if they wish.
  • Organising articles in local media…newspapers,magazines, websites, blogs, parish magazines, church newsletters are just a few possibilities

Distribution and support

Efficient distribution is just the start of our relationships with cardholders and anybody who might be connected with them. We also offer ongoing support both on ways to use the card and general.

Once a cardholder and/or others connected with Autism have entered the scheme, they have found a potential support to trust and we need to respect that.
So we are building an efficient Client Relationship Manager database (fully secure) that will allow us to check that we do keep in touch, send newsletters and ask how people are progressing.

Support us

The ongoing costs are borne by Dimensions for Living as the initial funding was for capital investment only.

If fell you can donate for this and our other services, however much you might be able to afford, then here is the Dimensions for Living donation page.

And thanks for taking an interest - that’s valuable too.