Devon Autism Alert Card Supporters: Thank You

This page is for thanking all who have supported and created the Devon Autism Alert Card. Anybody who thinks we’ve missed you out, let us know.

A BIG Thank You to all the Supporters and co-creators of the Devon Autism Alert Card


Major agencies

Various major agencies have supported the Devon Autism Alert Card and are still doing so

Devon County Council

Devon County Council have directed the bulk of the funding and been a major member of the committee guiding this project.

Plymouth City Council

Plymouth City Council have also contributed funding and supported this project consistently.

Devon & Cornwall Police

Devona & Cornwall Police are constantly aware of the need  to raise Autism awareness in Devon and are leading the way with their own officers.

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service helped with funding the first part of this project and this gave impetus to the whole idea.

Dimensions For Living

Ok, so it is a little weird to thank ourselves, but we are composed of all our supporters - present and past. These are the people who have made us able to do this scheme. Thank you.

Devon Link Up

Devon Link-Up is a user-led organisation for people with learning disabilities. This means that people with learning disabilities run Devon Link-Up and make sure that it meets the needs of all its users.

Companies who have contributed

And thank you for the following companies who have offered us free or discounted services and products to achieve the scheme

ADEEVA Design (Tel: 07791 628037)

ADEEVA is an Exeter graphic design company. They kindly designed the Autism Alert Card, leaflet and poster for free. Thank you ADEEVA.

Eva Searle of ADEEVA has been marvellous. A project of this kind, run by committee from organisations scattered around Devon has led to revisions upon revisions. A lot. More than a lot. Enough to make anyubody snap. Eva has always accepted them with grace and helpfulness. Far more than we deserve.

Douglas especailly would like to highlight this. Thanks Eva, and sorry for all the final final final final drafts which just needed one (!) more change.

Ring Eva on 07791 628037 for any work that you have. 

GoFilm Academy (

GoFilm trains teachers (CPD'S), PHD students,Youth Workers, Arts Organisations and charities in how to use iPads and mobile phones to shoot qulaity video, how to edit and how to use them in their area of work.

Cass very kindly came down and gave a two day training which we highly recommend.

Cass has also happily given advice over the phone long after teh training ended. He has been a real supporter of our project.


Clystnet specialises in Web Design and Development for Exeter and Devon, as well as CRMs. They worked on our website, gave input and advice on civiCRM and are also supporters of digital learning in all its forms.

Clystnet's main work on thie project has been the database, including online forms. This has been complex - especially as they had a huge web project on the go at the same time. Their staff have been consistently helpful and pleasant, extending to Henry giving up a Saturday to get things right. 

So thank you Henry, Paul and Jen.


For discounts on software, including Adobe Captivate.


CiviCRM is a free, open source Client Relationship Management database - magnificently flexible and crowd-developed for NPOs and charities.


We built our web presence using Joomla, a free open source website creator…and so much more. Much more powerful than WordPress while still having the ease of use that a good content management system needs.

Academy Class

Academy Class is a media training company for creatives and developers in UK and beyond. We took their Adobe Captivate zero to hero 5 day course and it was very, very good. Focussed, intensive and comprehensive.

Apple Inc.

Somewhat well known, they were kind enough to arrange discounts for their products. Very good of them. We are guessing they need the publicity ;-).

Stormfront Exeter

Exeter’s local Apple experts, they supplied us with Apple products and are a pleasure to do business with.


Coffee built this project as well as all the good parts of human civilisation. Thanks coffee.

The most important - the volunteers who have built this

An even bigger thank you to all the individuals who have been created this project. Without you there would have been nothing (even taking into account coffee)

Barbara Wilson is the head of Dimensions of Living and she was the initial mover of the project, as well as constantly being there in the background.

Douglas Young has managed the project and tried to avoid as much work as possible. His ambitions have been thwarted at every turn.

The core group have given of their skills, insights and jokes as well as putting up with Douglas.

Matt Grimsey

Matt has helped immensely with the web building, insights into the copy needs as well as having a a very deep understanding of Autism and its effects on adults. Matt is always pleasant and well grounded too...even with Douglas on his back. Thanks Matt.  

David Powley

David Powley has contributed immensely in the editing of the copy and has been happy to go through umpteen drafts with a fine toothcomb suggesting, questioning and contributing at the drop of a hat. He has also made deep contributions to the video group. Cheers David Powley.

The video group as well, still developing...

No names as yet until we get permissions to use their names. This group is consistently improving their technical skills and now looking at planning. They have always been willing to travel to get things done and are an impressive group. Respect.

Douglas would also like to thank

As well as all the above...

Plymouth Adult Aspergers Branch

We provide support meetings, as well as time and space for people to chat.  This enables positive social interaction where individuals can achieve a sense of identity. 

I do not get down to Plymouth nowadays, but when I did... well worthwhile, and remember you all. Got a lot out of the meetings. Thanks to all.

Nigel Scott

Elinor Scott

For their input into the card

Tara Allin

Tara is a member of NAS PAAB and serves on the Plymouth ASC Partnership Board.

For her feedback on the leaflet. Very incisive, very valuable. Those bits I have not taken on board, Tara...? Sure you are right, but need to keep my self respect somehow :-))

Also, everybody who has given advice and criticism (in the best possible sense) from all over...

And last but by no means least….

The Committee members

The following are or have been members of the Committee overseeing the Devon Autism Alert Card scheme. Thanks to all:

  • Sally Kingdon
  • Mark Gierke
  • Barbara Wilson
  • Fiona Gordon
  • Jo Morgan
  • Teresa Berridge
  • Robin Loveridge
  • Rebecca Wheale
  • Liz Clarke
  • Douglas Young
  • Karen Manderfield