The Autism Community and eLearning

Many of us from all walks of life just do not get on well with text-based information especially in large amounts. At the same time text-based information exchange has massive limitations: Graphics, video and audio can be much effective and attractive in conveying information depending on context.

So rather than build a site with text-heavy advice and information we are investing in eLearning to deliver exactly what people enjoy and want.

eLearning is far more exciting than simply learning on a computer. Inside an eLearning module we can offer:

  • Interactivity: No more treating the reader like a passive receptacle, but inning them to take part in the information exchange
  • ‘Gamification’: Creating a game-like atmosphere.
  • Fuzziness: Offering various options and decision paths - just like real life.
  • Compelling content: Graphics, video, text and audio and encased in a storyline or a real-life scenario that they can relate to

No one has done this before for the Autism Community. It is a well tested method, popular and absorbing, that people from all walks of life delight in.

What we have done so far

We have already invested in software and training in order to produce the modules and videos that will be the backbone of our eLearning modules.

Some examples of our video work can be found on this site and on youtube.

We plan on getting our first elearning modules up by the end of January 2016

How can we benefit the Autism Community through elearning?


  • For folks on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Information about rights and dealing with life
  • Health and protection for the vulnerable
  • Ways to understand how Autistic people might think and feel
  • Employment issues
  • For health workers
  • Dos, don’ts and maybes when with an Autistic person
  • What communication styles to expect from Autistic individuals, and what styles work well
  • For companies
  • What do ‘reasonable adjustments’ involve when employing a person on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Issues and benefits around employing Autistic individuals
  • For educators
  • Various approaches to teaching Autistic individuals
  • How to approach pastoral care for Autistic individuals
  • For the emergency services
  • Scenarios involving individuals on the Autistic Spectrum
  • How to change communication styles so there is a positive outcome for everybody

How we got into this

Devon & Cornwall Police originally asked us to create some eLearning modules for ‘Awareness Raising’ as part of the Devon Autism Alert Card Scheme. These modules were going to be private to the police and the progress of each officer was going to be trackable, with detailed reports being sent to the relevant police administrators.

We were very excited to work with the police and also wanted to use eLearning for our community. We invested in training, software and practise.

Unfortunately savage budget cuts loomed over the police force and they had to reconsider how they apportioned study time to their serving officers whilst keeping a quality policing service going. Understandably, policing Devon & Cornwall took precedence.

But we are still a great supporter of eLearning and we still intend to create some for the police as well as the Autism Community. The only difference from the original plan is that we will not track people’s progress through the modules.