Help the Devon Autism Alert Card

On this page:

  • Autism Awareness in Devon
  • How you can help publicise the Autism Alert Card and raise awareness
  • How the scheme was funded and why running costs are not funded

Autism Awareness in Devon


Autism awareness is low in the South West - very low. It is one reason why Devon County Council, Plymouth City Council, Devon & Cornwall Police, Devon Link Up and others are enthusiastic funders and supporters of the Devon Autism Alert Card Scheme

The Autism Alert Card Scheme to raises awareness and educates. The more people use the card and the more people know about the card then the more people start to understand what Autism is and how they too can change their approach to Autistic individuals.

The scheme raises awareness particularly when the card is used outside emergency situations. Each time it is shown as a preventative measure people realise that they need to know more about Autism, the Autism Spectrum and Aspergers.

You can learn more about the Autism Spectrum in our 'What is Autism' section.

Help raise Autism awareness throughout Devon


The Autistic Alert Card Scheme is a valuable gateway to creating an Autistic friendly Devon. It is not just that awareness will grow from cards being issued and used but also from people reading and displaying our material, seeing our articles on and offline, visiting our website and joining our web presence.

We can supply leaflets and posters, the posters are either A4 or A3 size. Downloadable versions are at the bottom of this page.

You can help by:

  • Word of mouth
    Telling people about the card and where they can find more information [LINK]
  • Displaying leaflets and posters where you work
    In clinics, surgeries, hospitals, care homes… wherever folks on the Autism Spectrum or their families and friends might see them.
  • Distributing leaflets and application forms to your own network
    Care homes, support groups, patient groups can ring us and we will send a sheaf of leaflets and/or application forms to you.
  • Signing up to our email or postal newsletters and forwarding them on
    These (we hope) will be informative and interesting.
  • Following us on social media (and recommending our postings when you like them!)
    We are on Facebook, twitter  and pinterest 
  • Linking to our website and the articles that you find interesting
    It is always nice to be liked, and if you have a website or a blog it is even better to be mentioned and linked to.
  • Suggesting to your community’s local media that might like to feature us
    We want to reach the roots of the community through parish magasines, church newsletters, local websites, regional magasines and all forms of local media
  • We can give talks and presentation about his scheme as needed - along with all the other services.

Whatever you need, contact us by email, phone or our contact page:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 07421 778809
Contact page:

How the scheme is funded

The Devon Autism Alert Card Scheme was set up with funding from central government through Devon County Council and Plymouth Council. We have had support from various organisations and individuals.

However the funding has only been for for capital investment due to the nature of the government's grant. Ongoing running costs of the scheme are not covered.

All the running costs are borne by Dimensions For Living, and they are considerable due to the care and diligence that is needed with each application and the upkeep of a support network.

Any donation you can make is very welcome. Our : 

You can make a single donation or arrange for a monthly donation.

We also appreciate fund raising and volunteers