Indviduals Matter

It’s the person, not the Autism: Symptoms are not people


We believe that all too often when people talk about Autistic Spectrum individuals, they usually talk about the symptoms:

Social blindness, obsessiveness, not showing empathy as expected, Literalisms, different language styles, lack of eye contact, not coping with sensory inputs….

But all these are not Autism. They are symptoms. They are ways for individuals to cope with the underlying condition.

Individuals on the Autistic Spectrum remain individually different. They might be extrovert or introvert, curious or indifferent, practical or theoretical… in other words, people.

We all deal with Autism in our own individual way. We are no more our symptoms than an individual with a cold is a ‘cold person’.

We say that the person is the most important factor in any discussion about Autism...and we are all unique.