Share With Us

Our experiences as part of the Autism Community


Experience counts, and sharing these experiences counts even more! The nature of Autism means that many  members of the Autism Community are isolated or solitary. Not just individuals on the Autism Spectrum, but also parents, family, carers and even professionals. There is often no chance to share and just hear another’s experiences.

And when there is a chance, we often say ‘But I do that’ or’ I’ve never thought about doing it that way’ or…

Many, many new and interesting thoughts, paths and perceptions can open up when we hear the experiences that all too often do not have a place to be shared.

How can you share your experiences, insights, perceptions?


We are always looking for people who can write, articles or blog postings, but more than we are happy to talk to people in person or on Skype, we can video and record or just take notes and put them in a form that you are happy with.

So many ways, so many experiences, so much to share….


At the moment we are just setting this up, but please feel free to contact us or phone 07421 77 88 09.