Ages of Autism

Folks on the Autistic Spectrum are Growing Old (and society has never had to deal with this before)


We aim to raise awareness and create solutions to the growing problem of Autism and ageing. As we age we not only change our ways of coping with Autism but also the problems that age bring can be intensified by Autism.

  • Our small social networks might start to disappear leaving us more and more isolated.
  • Coping with the death of friends is a lot more difficult without family support and many folks not on the Spectrum have lost contact with their families.
  • Illnesses bring the need of dealing with new people and getting the necessary support - a high source of stress. Many Autistic individuals will ignore their illness rather than going through this stress.
  • Social contact can get more and more overwhelming, aggravating other problems

This understanding of the unique problems that ageing brings to Autism is only just starting. Dimensions For Living believes the problems are under-recognised and unprepared for.