Unique Insights


Unique Insights into the Autistic Spectrum and Aspergers Syndrom


We believe that

  • Only people intimately involved in Autism can understand and offer unique insights. Not the interpretation, the real experience.
  • That doesn’t just mean Autistics - it’s just as important to get the insights of parents, professionals etc.
  • A truly effective guide and helpful webs presence needs to start from the autistic viewpoint
  • Text based insights and advice are not only out of date but limit easy understanding to a few. We aim to develop use of graphics, audio, interviews, videos and interactive guidance for the benefit of all
  • We aim to have a comprehensive guide to all aspects of Autistic life. All of us on the autistic find various aspects of living a challenge, each in our unique way.

There are sites on the web for individuals on the spectrum to swap insights and experiences, others for families, friends, carers, places catering for professional needs and many giving the professional point of view. Forums, blogs, information sites, charity sites, medical sites, helping, sharing, supporting….

But there aren’t many places for everybody to listen to each other.

That’s what we are building here. A place for everybody that the Autistic Spectrum Disorder touches to read and share….a meeting of cultures.

It will take us time. It is a long term project.

See you around