Working Together

Together we are creating an Autistic Working Culture


We believe the learning to value working together will being huge benefits to all communities.

Most of working life is not Autistic Spectrum friendly. Social cues, group hierarchies, simplified learnings, the sensory environment, unearned respect working culture,…all these and more are a world of mystery to Autistic brains.

But individuals on the Autistic Spectrum love meaningful work as much as anyone. On the other hand, finding a working culture that they can fit into or can be adapted with reasonable adjustments for them is very difficult.

Around 85% of the Autistic Community is unemployed. This is unacceptable.

So we believe in:

  • Building our own working culture which takes into account the needs of everybody
  • Supporting both individuals on the Autistic Spectrum and potential employers in adapting and changing to get the best results.

We expect one to lead into another. As folks on the Autistic Spectrum experience working together their lives will improve, and as everybody values making reasonable adjustments then the true benefits of working together will become obvious.

But first we believe in creating a working culture with a purpose and a respect that we have seen, again and again, bringing enthusiasm and interest into Autistic lives.